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Time:12:09 am
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!
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Time:05:10 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
I just love this word. i like saying it too :)

Word of the Day for Sunday November 20, 2005

ingenue \AN-zhuh-noo\, noun:
1. A naive girl or young woman.
2. An actress playing such a person; also: the stage role of
an ingenue.

This is not the face of an ingenue; this is an old soul in
a new body -- wary, wise to her own long past, on to the
wiles of the world, and having miles to go before she
--Sarah Ban Breathnach, [1]Something More

Her passages -- from ingenue to royal bride to young mother
to estranged wife to independent-minded divorcee --
attracted a global audience and made Diana the world's most
famed and photographed woman.
--Eugene Robinson, "From Sheltered Life to Palace Life, To
a Life of Her Own," [2]Washington Post, September 1, 1997

Ingenue comes from the French, from Latin ingenuus, "freeborn;
worthy of a free man; hence honorable, frank; tender,
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Subject:word of the day
Time:05:32 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Word of the Day for Friday November 18, 2005

lambent \LAM-buhnt\, adjective:
1. Playing lightly on or over a surface; flickering; as, "a
lambent flame; lambent shadows."
2. Softly bright or radiant; luminous; as, "a lambent light."
3. Light and brilliant; as, "a lambent style; lambent wit."

I have an image in my mind of the soaring vault rising and
disappearing into the gray-white silence, the niches in the
salt walls where the saints dwelled, the few points of
lambent gold glimmering feebly on the altar.
--Richard O'Mara, "The Unapologetic Tourist," [1]New York
Times, November 21, 1999

There, in the lambent glow of flashlight or lantern, you
find the fragile rock walls covered with thousand-year-old
paintings illustrating the life of the Buddha and his
--Michael O'Sullivan, "The Cave as Canvas: Hidden Images of
Worship Along the Silk Road," [2]Washington Post, January
4, 2002

Across the plaza, the lambent moonlight cast shadows on a
former convent's facade of saints and angels.
--Stephen Benz, "Our Mailman in Havana," [3]Washington
Post, November 19, 2000

She wanted to tell him how she felt and feel that lambent
look that was better than sunshine, his look of offering
all that was in him.
--Anna Shapiro, "The Scourge," [4]USA Today, July 23, 2001

It [the opera] is also sumptuously orchestrated, gracefully
written for the singers, well-suited to the stage action,
deeply felt yet tasteful in expression, and, at its best, a
lambent, shimmering creation, full of beauty and nuance.
--Tim Page, "Appealing 'Dangerous Liaisons,'" [5]Newsday,
September 12, 1994

Lambent is from the present participle of Latin lambere,"to
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Time:04:39 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
so i get like a word of the day... and i thought this word was cool. So here is my word of the day. they actually send me interesting words all the time. one's I've never heard before.

Word of the Day for Tuesday November 15, 2005

kobold \KOH-bold\, noun:
ÊIn German folklore, a haunting spirit, gnome, or goblin.

Witch, kobold, sprite... and imp of every kind.
--A. J. Symington

This world and the other, too, are always present to his
mind, and there in the corner is the little black kobold of
a doubt making mouths at him.
--James Russell Lowell, [1]Among My Books

The Kobolds were a species of gnomes, who haunted the dark
and solitary places, and were often seen in the mines.
--Sir Walter Scott, [2]Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

Kobold comes from Middle High German kobolt, "goblin."

Trivia: Cobalt, the metal, "the goblin of the mines," was
named by those who had to work it after the kobold, since the
ore contains arsenic, which made the miners ill.
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Subject:Damn the neighbors dog to HELLLL!
Time:08:36 pm
Current Mood:irritatedirritated
I live next to my very own living, breathing, four legged torture machine. This little old man beagle barks all day long. and when i mean all day long i mean. we are going on like 12 hours now. i think since about 8 am and it's what... 8:30pm. Holy shit!! I think I'm going to go mental. I love dogs! alot!!! But not this dog! Thank god Im leaving for work. funnily enough. I wanted to actually go to work early just to get away from the torture , of the old man bark. I left them a note the third day i moved into the place. you know a nice note, like... "did you know that your dog barks ALLL DAYY LONGGG, when you are not home???" No reply! It's absolute maddness!! ahhhhhhhhhh.... bark bark bark bark bark bar brk bker swakvvvbbbbbbbalksjkadjkfhkdsfhdskfhdkjfhdkjfhdkjfhkdjfhdkjf. ok i feel better now! :) Im off to work.

<3 Autumn Starr
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Subject:anne rice lives in la jolla? and she found god!
Time:12:30 am
Current Mood:hungryhungry
The Gospel According to AnneRead more...Collapse )
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Subject:Veronica Mars
Time:05:56 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Watch UPN channel 13 on Wedensday November 9th at 9pm Rich is going to guest star on Veronica Mars. He's going to be tattooing in the background of a major scene, his characters name is monk. Im soo excited for him and thought i'd share with everyone.

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Subject:IM soooooooo000oooo00ooo tired. :)
Time:12:02 am
I just got done painting our new house for the third day and im beat and soo exhausted. I have to be up at 8 am to move and i don't want to. *pouts* Im tired and broken right now. even the thought of working this weekend makes me want to cry. no more physical work. im completely delerious. ok... soo....
Im moving into my new house tomorrow. so I don't know when i will be back online. but i just wanted everyone to know. you know,in case you missed me or was wondering where i was. lol. goodnight and hopefully i will be back on soon! bye
<3 Autumn Starr

ETA: I'm Back!!! Im back online and loving it!. Um it's kinda sad though, no one commented on my post. did no one miss me? *sniff sniff* ok. time to stop feeling sorry... lol. I am soo happy to have my computer back!
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Subject:tired tired tired
Time:09:57 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
Rich, Dylan, G'anna & I painted and prepped the new house all day today. Im exhausted! We still have most of the stuff to paint tomorrow, but at least we no longer have 70's mirrors and grandma wall paper in any of the rooms now. we primered most of the rooms today. We still have 2 bathrooms to primer and 2 bedrooms. ohh wait and the kitchen! crap we have soo much to do tomorrow. we still have to paint all the rooms the colors too! im not really looking forward to working so hard tomorrow. but i feel like it's kinda of like initiation into home-ownership. like.. it is more ours when we put so much work into it. im soo tired and will be waking up at 10 am ( I've been doing it all week) to start again! Rich is filming his tattoo scene in the tv show veronica mars tomorrow morning at 7 am too. Im sooo excited for him to be on tv! I can't wait to see the episode. Bye friends for now

<3 Autumn
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Subject:ok! enough surveys for me!
Time:11:47 pm
You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

You are
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